Jeff “Shadow” Jefferies was first lured into the custom pinstriping world in the early 1980’s around the age of 23. This abstract art form touched a deep place within the artist. After 18 years of self-study in other more “main stream” forms of art, his path was diverted by the visual intrigue and the mental challenge of the most ancient form of visual art known to mankind - the line. The seemingly simple line combined in his mind with hundreds of other single lines forming endless patterns that were almost beyond his comprehension. Nearly beyond his sanity until he gained something resembling control over it, something that may appear to the outside world to be mastery, although he will tell you that there is no such thing. So limitless did this form of art seem to him that it would, at times, place him on the edge of reason. Somewhere within the simple line, had rested in a deep slumber within him, a compulsiveness to create the patterns of combined lines that flow into and through him. What you will see here is not just art. I find it to be more of a picture inside of one man’s mind, for it is what has come out of his mind after years of internal self-study into this spiritually powerful art form. So welcome, feel his journey through the photography you will see on the following pages. Enjoy! -Billy Hill 1959-1999
Jefferies has done pinstriping for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame, Cory Krusman - the National Sprint Car Champion
and Johnathan North, TV newscaster.

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